How can I change the description of the certificate to distinguish it from other similar certificates?

If you have several certificates installed and want to add a description so that you can easily differentiate one from the other, you will find detailed information on how to do so in this section.

Access IE Certificate Store (Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates)

Select the certificate whose description you want to change and click on View.

Details tab, display All

- Descriptive name field

- Edit properties

- Add the descriptive name to identify the certificate

- Accept and close all Windows



Membership Certificates: for whom is it intended?

This certificate is intended for a person who has an employment or business relationship with a legal entity, such as a company. This certificate only guarantees membership of such a company, but not the capacity to bind on its behalf.

This certificate profile is suitable if you are self-employed. In the certificate application form, you must enter your name and surname in the Organisation field and your personal fiscal ID number in the VAT number field.