Loss of private key

If you have lost the private key required to complete the installation of the final Secure Server certificate, you will need to make a new request by generating a new CSR and completing the appropriate request form.


Why EV?

The EV certificate fulfils the fundamental functions of an OV certificate and adds additional guarantees in the certificate holder identification process. The EV SSL Secure Server certificate allows browsers connecting to this service to display an additional level of assurance, which is visualised in the browser by displaying a green background in the address line.

This certificate profile is subject to the requirements of the CA/Browser Forum Gidelines for Issuance and Management of extended validation certificates:http://www.cabforum.org


How to renew my certificate?

This certificate profile cannot be renewed.

Through the following link, you can submit a new request.


Where can I find the Root and Intermediate Certificate issuer?

Through these links you can obtain the root and intermediate certificates that complete the trust hierarchy of the final certificate issuance.

Chambers of Commerce Root Certificate

Intermediate Certificate Corporate Server II - 2015


What is a CSR and how is it generated?

A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a cipher text containing the certificate request information. This text includes the public key, which must be generated on the server, as well as other fields such as the name of the organisation, the URL, Country...

The generation of this field differs depending on the different page servers and their versions. Through the following link you can find the different available help manuals.