When the applicant has an intellectual disability or it is established by the Registration Office Operator that he/she does not have all his/her intellectual capacities, then it should be requested by the Operator or submitted by the applicant:


  1. Request/submit a copy of the Judgment or a certificate from the Civil Registry on "Judicial modifications of the capacity of persons".
  2. If there is no judgement (it could be in judicial proceedings), there are two options:


  1. The Operator may refuse when it is clear that the person does not understand the subject of the Certificate Application,


  1. If the person seems to understand but there are any doubts, refer him/her to the procedure by Notary: notarised signature of the application with the conditions of use (a notarised copy of the ID card would not be sufficient because it is necessary to make sure that he/she knows and understands the conditions of use).